Indianapolis, Indiana
May 26, 1967

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by Doug Walker

Training Experience:
38 years
Doug Walker

I started weight training in my basement the summer of 1979 at the age of 12, inspired by a neighbor who trained in his garage in the alley behind my house.  Weighing only 80 lbs. and having no idea what I was doing, I started memorizing articles and cutting pictures out of every bodybuilding magazine I could get my hands on. Later that fall I returned to school almost 40 lbs. heavier.  There I began using the schools old hand-me-down universal machine and eventually had enough experience and courage to join the local gym.  I continued reading, learning and training throughout school, until graduation in 1985.

Click to EnlargeIn 1987 and again in 1988, I attended bodybuilding camps at Loyola Marymount University in California, where I met and trained with bodybuilding legends Tom Platz, Lee Labrada, Shawn Ray, Ms. Olympia Rachel McLish, Mr. Olympia Samir Banout, Gary Strydom, Dr. Tom Deeters and many others. Each year I returned home with new inspiration and began using what I had learned.

In 1994, I began plans to open my own gym, and to make it official I traveled to Chicago for N.A.S.M. (National Academy of Sports Medicine) personal training certification.  The following year I opened The Training Station and in my efforts to continue to make progress used all my experience to create my beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts, along with several different warm up pyramids and light/medium/heavy day rotations.

The Training Station has an 80's back-to-basics atmosphere, which you will see reflected in my workouts.  I feel this was a time when bodybuilding & fitness weren't all about money or the "in thing", people trained hard for them selves and the love of the sport, and bodybuilders were like a family.

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Doug Walker
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Doug Walker

Doug Walker
Doug Walker
Doug Walker