Intermediate Workout Instructions

The first exercise for each body part is done in a pyramid, where the first 4-6 sets are warm ups and all following
sets are done to failure.

Any secondary exercises for the same body part are done in a descending order (heavy set first), unless safety or pain dictates otherwise.

How to get your intermediate weights for the intermediate pyramid.

Beginner Weight x 1.4 = Intermediate Weight

Warm UpsThese reps are dictated for a reason. If you do more than the designated number, you will use up too much energy before you reach your heavy set. Then you won’t know what your true max is. If you do less, you may not be warmed up enough, and put yourself at risk for injury.
FailureIt’s the last rep when:
Someone helps you, even a little.
You start getting sloppy or squirming.
The muscle burn becomes completely unbearable.
AbsTrain your abs the same way you train any other bodypart.
Hard once a week. Choose one or two exercises and change them each week.
RestWait about 30 seconds between warm up sets and about 1 minute before the heavier sets, as the weight gets lighter reduce your rest times.
Super SetA group of 2 or more exercises done with out resting in between.

Example of a super set: Do a set of exercise # 1, then immediately with out resting do a set of exercise # 2, then exercise # 3, etc…