Printable beginner to advanced workout programs designed to guide you every step of the way. These workouts are created from over 40 years of training experience with a back to basics no frills approach. Every single workout is unique, which keeps you from becoming bored with the workout program. Each workout also progresses you to the next workout getting increasingly harder as you go. Some of these workout are just hard (mentally), but try to stick it out and remember you will get a different workout next week. The purpose of these workouts is to teach you to mix it up, and have a variety of rep schemes to keep the body guessing and adapting. Some of the workouts are very light and quick (but still hard), and some will follow a more standard plan.

You are encouraged to print the workout pages out and keep track of your weights and reps. If you don’t keep track, how will you know when you need to increase your weight for the next workout. It’s all about moving forward and making progress. Following The Training Station program ensures you will never have to go to the gym unprepared.

Be sure to check out the resource page for some interesting articles and workout tips and tricks to help you progress along The Training Station tracks.

Beginner Workouts

An easy to follow full body beginner 3 or 4 day workout plans. 6 Weeks.

Intermediate Workouts
Easy to follow intermediate 3 day split workout routines. Up to 205 weeks or until you decide to move up to the advanced program.

Advanced Workouts
Easy to follow advanced 4 or 5 split workout routines. 364 weeks of 4 or 5 day advanced workout plans.